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Street Cowl

I won this yarn, Blue Sky Alpacas Bulky Naturals, in a raffle for a charity event where we were making hats for newborns. It’s probably the softest, warmest yarn I’ve worked with in years, but unfortunately, 1) it’s discontinued and I only had 1 hank and 2) the yardage was low.

I tried to make a hat with it first. I have a pretty small head and thought it could be more of a cap than anything else, but at the end I had to admit it was too small. I didn’t want to find someone smaller for it, so I took it apart and decided to make a cowl.

A while ago, I made a hat for a friend with the pattern from Chunky Dean Street Hat. There’s a cable in this that does NOT require a cable needle – being the knitting geek that I am, at the time this just blew my mind and I think I finished the hat in the course of 2 days because I thought the pattern was so cool.

I cast on with size 15 US/10.0mm needles (the biggest ones I had on hand) and had a cowl within a couple of hours.

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Modified Shrug

I had been debating making a Minisweater (aka boobholder aka shrug) for a while. There are many versions of it on Ravelry since it’s quick, easy, and looks good on most women (of the right height/build.)

I love Stephanie Japel’s pattern for this sweater, and how she (and a lot of people on Ravelry) look in it, but when I made it I wasn’t that happy with the result. I put it in my closet and left it there for about half a year (partially because it was winter). Recently, I took it out again and decided to redo it since I liked how the neckline looked, and the colours.

The yarn I used was Bernat Mosaic in Ambrosia, a bulky acrylic that has long colour repeats to get a striping effect. When I went to modify the pattern, I undid the garter bottom, did some waist shaping, then knit in stockinette until I got to the bottom, where I did about 5 rows of garter.

From the side…

And laying flat. I’m in a new apartment, and still haven’t quite figured out where the best lighting is, but the colours are close.

It’s great with a tank top, the perfect amount of extra warmth for early fall.

On another note, it’s great to be back blogging, rusty as I am. I was blown away by how many people have visited so far, over three hundred! Thanks for checking out my blog, I’ll try to keep the posts and patterns coming.



I first learned to knit when I was a kid. Like most small children, I did a few rows of garter stitch, realized it took Forever, then stopped. I’ve always been involved in crafting in some form, however; I made clothes for my dolls out of scraps out of material when I was a kid, then I jumped on the friendship bracelet craze and made hundreds of those. I tried handsewing again, made a couple of quilts, then didn’t really have an outlet for a few years.

In 2005, I was shopping in a department store and saw a knitting kit. I was drawn to it, though it was for a yoga bag and too advanced for me (which I didn’t realize at the time). I ended up using the yarn to make dishcloths, and went from there.

Although I do come from a long line of crafty people (mother, aunts, grandmother), I learned how to knit mostly on my own with help from the awesome community at Craftster, videos from Knitting Help, and Debbie Stoller’s Stitch ‘n Bitch books. After getting one of her knitting books, I found a version for crochet and picked that up too.

I love making mostly small items, amigurumi, mitts, socks, hats and scarves.

I used to have a knitting blog called k2sc1 (a wordpress blog), which I closed down for a while for various reasons. Since I’ve been making and selling amigurumi under the name Cameron Creations for the past half year, I decided to make that the name of my new blog. I’ll be posting a couple of free patterns soon, and hope to have more in the future, as well as talk about knitting and crochet in general.